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Now we are affiliated to ICSE board.
Code: WB435

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For the session 2021-2022 (std.L.N To Std. IX)

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  • Help the school in matters of discipline. A conversation with the Principal / T-in-Ch / Secretary can solve any problem you may have regarding your ward.
  • Neatness and cleanliness in appearance, uniform, also in their books, diary and exercise books are to be maintained strictly.
  • Attendance must be regular. A student with attendance below 85% may be debarred from promotion.
  • A student, who misses a unit or Block Test, will not be allowed to appear for the same at a later date. If the absence is justified, the matter may be considered.
  • Students suffering from Mumps, Measles or any other contagious disease must not come to school until they are completely cured.
  • A student’s name may be stuck off the rolls if his tuition fee falls due for 2 consecutive months.
  • If a student remains absent, parent/guardian should make a note of it and duly sign in the column provided in the Diary.
  • If the conduct of a child seems to be detrimental to the discipline of the school, he / she will be suspended from class or be given a transfer certificate in graver situation.
  • If any parent / guardian require T.C of his ward, one month’s prior notice (before the end of the session) is to be given by the parent.
  • Parents / Guardians are not permitted to see their wards or to interview teachers during class hours without the special permission of the Principal.
  • Students are not permitted to bring any expensive articles to school.
  • Parents / Guardians must ensure that fees are paid within time 15th of every month and during office hours. Delayed payment will require Rs. 50.00 per month as fine to be paid with fees.
  • Any norms that will violet the discipline and dignity of our academy should involve issuing T.C to the respective words.
  • Exemplary behavior expected in the school campus.
  • The school holds no responsibilities for pupils left on school premises after 3:30 p.m.
  • All fees and dues must be clear before Half Yearly and Annual Examination for the session ending August and February every year. The in – convenience is regrated.
  • As regulation of the Board henceforth two Examinations and assessment will be held.